Who Can Attend?

Anyone (as in current school year) who is in Grades 6, 7 & 8th (middle school).

What Is The Cost To Attend & What Is Included?

It is $40 per athlete! All athletes receive a t-shirt, combine stats (posted on website), good football workout (including position specific drills) and participate in team tryouts! Please note only those who pre-register receive a T-Shirt!

Why Should I Bring My Athlete?

Nothing to lose and lots of football instruction and fun football times to gain! Whether you feel your athlete(s) have a shot to be selected or not this is a win/win experience. Athletes get to see where they are development wise amongst their peers from across the state. Athletes will also receive some “position specific” technique instruction by our staff hoping they can take back to their team in the fall and make them a more complete player. If your fortunate enough to be selected to the team then it is just an added bonus!

There are multiple Tryouts. Athletes must attend at least one!

Athletes, only MUST attend one of the Tryouts. If they wish they can attend all Tryouts! We have different evaluators at each Tryouts so it is possible that one evaluator may see “something more” in your athlete than another evaluator.

What Does Each Athlete Need To Bring?

Athletic apparel (t-shirt, shorts, etc) & Cleats. NO equipment is needed for the Open Tryout!  

About the Game

How Many Athletes Are Selected For The Teams?

We will select between 40- 50 athletes per team; meaning 40 – 50 (8th Graders) and 30-50 for 6th and 7th grade teams respectively.

When & Where Are The Games Held For 2024?

Report To Camp June 12th
Games Played June 15th on Kentucky soil!

When Do The Players Practice?

This game is patterned after high school all-star games. Players will report Wednesday of game week in June for “Game Week”. Players will stay on a college campus and practice at the same college campus. Giving them an early glimpse of what life is like for college athletes. Players will have a minute by minute planned itinerary for the 4 days they are in our care.

Is There Cost For A Selected Player?

Yes, the costs are all-inclusive meaning it covers ALL Housing, Meals, Transportation to game, Team Apparel, Game Uniform, Player Ticket to PEP Rally and more.

Once Players are selected they receive a VERY detailed email with all needed paperwork and instructions.